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As of version 1.2.1 FPDI can be used with TCPDF - a derivate of FPDF.

We integrated the support into the main classes and used a kind of bridge class for remapping TCPDF to FPDF in which we made some essential changes. The remapping is an automated process and is related to the available, loaded class. If you load (require) FPDF first, FPDF_TPL will extends FPDF. If you load TCPDF first, the bridge class will extend TCPDF and FPDF_TPL will extend the bridge class. That way we were able to use one class for both FPDF and TCPDF.

FPDF_TPL itself is not fully compatible! Simple templates can be created, but things like HTML are not compatible.

If you wonder why backgrounds or borders are not visible above an imported page, make sure you call the setPageMark() method after using the imported page.