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New SetaPDF Versions & Manual Update2017-03-02

PDF Portfolios in PHPThis release is related to bug fixes, tweaks but mostly to new features for handling attachments or embedded files in PDF documents.

While all SetaPDF components can handle file attachment annotations and embedded files as of now, the SetaPDF-Merger component was extended to handle PDF Portfolios (aka PDF Packages or Collections). PDF Portfolios allow an enhanced presentation of file attachments stored in a PDF document. The file attachments can also be organized in a hierachical tree structure through the use of folders.

altAnother feature we'd in mind for a long time has landed: We pimped our manual in the last days, so that nearly all code in our examples and snippets is linked back to the API documentation. 

Check the release notes of the components below.
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Release date: 2017-03-02
SetaPDF-Core Component
  • Added file attachment annotation class.
  • Added support for handling embedded files.
  • Fixed resolving of horizontal metrics and left side bearing for the last glyph-id in SetaPDF_Core_Font_TrueType_Table_HorizontalMetrics.
  • Fixed removing of data in tree structures (name or number trees) which are created from scratch.
  • Fixed getGenerationNumberByObjectId() in SetaPDF_Core_Parser_CorruptedCrossReferenceTable class.
  • Fixed undefined index in SetaPDF_Core_Canvas_GraphicState_Text::_getFontBBoxVector().
  • Fixed bug in SetaPDF_Core_DataStructure_Tree which was triggered if an indirect object was added instead if an indirect reference.
  • Fixed Type entry value in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Action_Launch.
  • Make use of $create parameter in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Catalog_Extensions.
  • Fixed SetaPDF_Core_Font_TrueType_Table_HorizontalMetrics::getAdvanceWidth() for glyphs with an id greater than the number of all horizontal metrics.
  • Fixed handling of CIDSystemInfo dictionary with values of indirect references.
  • Fixed handling of direct descendant fonts (no reference nor indirect objects used).
  • Fixed validation of glyph-id in SetaPDF_Core_Font_TrueType_Table_HorizontalMetrics::getAdvancedWidth().
  • Ensure page number parameter to be numeric in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Catalog_Pages class.
  • Refactored and improved SetaPDF_Core_FileSpecification class.
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_Document_Action_Named::GO_BACK constant.
  • Cache only indirect object instead of references in XObject class.
  • Fixed getDefinedObjectIds() method in SetaPDF_Core_Parser_CorruptedCrossReferenceTable.
  • Make direct use of catalog property instead of accessing it through the document instance in several classes.
  • Added support for direct font descriptors (no reference nor indirect objects used).
  • Refactored ExtractAttachments demo to use the new implemented classes to access attachments/embedded files.