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New Releases of all SetaPDF Components2021-06-08

It's time for a new release of all SetaPDF components. This release comes with some tweaks and bug fixes but also with some new features: For example the SetaPDF-FormFiller component supports field formatting (e.g. money, date and time) out of the box now.

With our last release we introduced our new demo environment which finally made it to
In combination with an automated deployment process we are able to provide you new demos within a very short timeframe. You have an idea? Just send it to!

Check the release notes of the components below.
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Release date: 2021-06-08
SetaPDF-Core Component
  • Added Lab color space class.
  • Catch/ignore thrown exception when trying to recalculate a font bounding box.
  • Write modified tree structure (e.g. name tree) if it was initialized by an empty dictionary.
  • Fixed resolving of alternate color space in several color space classes.
  • Fixed bug in serialization of SetaPDF_Core_Type_ObjectStream instances.
  • Ignore non-string values in date entries in Info dictionary.
  • Use getter methods of default entries in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Info::getAll() method to be able to use the $encoding parameter.
  • Fixed esccaping of name objects which use "characters" lower than 0x10.
  • Added handling of ZapfDingbats to main Encoding class.
  • Clone /BBox value in form XObject class to avoid unexpected changes.
  • Ignore non array values for the ID entry in the document trailer.
  • Added $encoding parameter to SetaPDF_Core_Document_Action_JavaScript::getJavaScript().
  • Handling of unencrypted metadata streams optimized (no explicit Crypt filter needed/expected anymore).