Create digital signatures for PDF documents with PHP


Digital sign PDF documents with PHP

Downloads and Changelogs of the SetaPDF-Signer Component

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Release date: 2017-05-08

Rev. 1026 to 1049

SetaPDF-Signer Component
  • Added support for documents without a file identifier in an asynchronous signatur workflow.
  • Optimized SetaPDF_Signer_Signature_Module_Cms::getParsedCertificate() for usage in PHP 5.4.
  • Added fix for a possible warning in SetaPDF_Signer_Signature_Module_Cms::getParsedCertificate() if null bytes were passed in the $certificate parameter.
  • Ensure that the signature content length is a multiple of two.
  • Added several demos showing how to create the signature value outside of a signature module (by an external implementation).
  • Tweaks in validation POC: Allow signatures with more than one signee but use only the first one.
  • Optimized validation demo in view to several signatures and revisions.
  • Added demo which works with the Lacuna Web PKI (sign a PDF in the browser).
SetaPDF-Core Component
  • Added setTabOrder() and getTabOrder() in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Page_Annotations class.
  • Added method to normalize line breaks: SetaPDF_Core_Text::normalizeLineBreaks().
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_Document::getSaveMethod() and renamed $update parameter in save() method to $saveMethod (meaning is the same as before).
  • Added support for PDF documents with invalid data before their PDF file header.
  • Fixed a bug which occurs if AES encryption is used while the Length value of a stream is an indirect object which is already written because of the SetaPDF_Core_Document::SAVE_METHOD_REWRITE_ALL save method.
  • Prevent "String offset cast occured" notice in abstract reader class.
  • Fixed SetaPDF_Core_Document_Destination::findByName() when name was not found.
  • Normalizes line breaks in SetaPDF_Core_Text_Block class.
  • Check for null bytes in file names before passing them to PHP functions to prevent warnings or notices.
  • Added support for faulty objects with a generation number higher than zero in object streams.
  • Allow date strings without "D:" prefix.
  • Updated get image sizes demo to handle rotated pages correctly.