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Digital sign PDF documents with PHP

Downloads and Changelogs of the SetaPDF-Signer Component

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Release date: 2016-09-22

Rev. 865 to 919

SetaPDF-Signer Component
  • Fixed creation and verification of nonce value.
SetaPDF-Core Component
  • Added getBitsPerComponent() method in SetaPDF_Core_XObject_Image.
  • Added getColorComponents() method to color space classes.
  • Added getHival() and getLookupTable() methods to SetaPDF_Core_ColorSpace_Indexed.
  • Ignore null filter when applying to a stream.
  • Added remote go-to action class.
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_Font_TrueType::getStreamParser() which returns a TTF parser instance of the embedded font program.
  • Added a fallback mechanism in SetaPDF_Core_Font_TrueType::getFontBBox() which will allow you to re-calculate the font bounding box by their glyph definitions.
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_Font_TrueType_Parser::getBoundingBoxes() method.
  • Added helper method to check or compare page formats in SetaPDF_Core_PageFormats::is().
  • Added scaleX() and scaleY() methods to SetaPDF_Core_Geometry_Rectangle.
  • Added scale() method to SetaPDF_Core_Geometry_Rectangle.
  • Changed the autoload implementation to a closure instead of a registered function.
  • Allow creation of empty rectangles (no width or height) in SetaPDF_Core_Geometry_Rectangle.
  • Removed SplObjectStorage compatibility class.
  • Changed signature of increaseLength() method in the reader interface from $length to $minLength.
  • Prohibit showing text in graphic state without a font defined.
  • Fixed handling of name arrays with an odd length.
  • Fixed resolving of a color space (its family) through an indirect reference.
  • Refactored color space classes.
  • Optimized memory usage in string reader class.
  • Added A85 name as a valid filter name/alias for ASCII85Decode.
  • Updated SetaPDF_Core_Encoding::fromUtf16Be() to work with Cmap instances, too.
  • Optimized handling of predictor filter algorithms.
  • Optimized destination class for usage with remote go-to actions.
  • Optimized fallback in SetaPDF_Core_Font::getCharByCharCode().
  • Ensure that a passed security handler belongs to the document instance for which it was created.
  • Optimized signature of SetaPDF_Core_Canvas::setGraphicState() to allow passing a document instance, which is forwarded to the addResource() method.
  • Optimized readByte() method in abstract reader class.
  • Added a demo that shows how to tile a single document page into multiple pages.
  • Added a demo that shows how to combine multiple pages of an existing document on new pages with a predefined grid size.
  • Added a demo that shows how to check for text on pages in a pdf document.