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New Versions2014-02-03

With the final release of the SetaPDF-Signer component in version 2 we released new versions of all other SetaPDF 2.x components as well!

Check the release notes of the components below.
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Release date: 2014-02-03
SetaPDF-Core Component
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_Document_Page_AdditionalActions class and getter method in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Page
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_Document_Catalog_AdditionalActions class and get method to SetaPDF_Core_Document_Catalog
  • Added methods to create and modify document XMP metadata in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Info
  • Added auto synchronize of Info dictionary and metadata stream
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_Encoding::set|getLibrary()
  • Optimized SetaPDF_Core_DataStructure_Date to allow initialization with a DateTime object or string.
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_Writer_File::getPath()
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_Writer_TempFile class which offers a clean and easy handling writing PDF output to temporary files
  • Fixed typo in SetaPDF_Core_SecHandler::$useMcrypt
  • Fixed typo in PRINT_SCALING_* constants
  • Renamed abstract classes and interfaces for preparing support for real namespaces
  • Added missing ensure() call when resolving default resources in AcroForm dictionary.
  • Fixed incorrect reading of a page tree if the nodes are mixes of leaf and intermediate pages nodes
  • Optimized/fixed resolving of Postscript names from TTF fonts
  • Optimized handling of JPEG images (CMYK images displayed inverted)
  • Fixed missing negation of rotated pages in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Page::toXObject()
  • Treat an indirect reference to an not existing object as a null value in SetaPDF_Core_Type_IndirectReference::deepClone()
  • Optimized doc block comments
  • Optimized handling of corrupted Flate stream data
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_Document::hasSecHandler() and marked SetaPDF_Core_Document::hasSecurityHandler() as deprecated
  • Optimized handling of corrupted PDF documents
  • Removed usage of constant ENT_HTML401 in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Info
  • Typo in constant value SetaPDF_Core_PageFormats::ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE
  • For performance reason the encoding class make use of the mb-functions by default now (if available) and if not manually specified prior the first usage.
  • Added getAuthMode() method to SetaPDF_Core_SecHandler_Interface
  • Removed default authMode-value in SetaPDF_Core_SecHandler_Standard
  • Optimized SetaPDF_Core_Page_Contents::encapsulateExistingContentInGraphicState()
  • Added missing "-"-delimiter in SetaPDF_Core_Text::getLines()
  • Extended the "Check for digital Signature" demo, so that the signer certificate will get extracted (requires classes from the SetaPDF-Signer component).
  • Optimized extract attachments example.
  • Added new demo that shows how to receive form field names and coordinates
  • Added a demo that extracts attachments from a PDF document
  • Added a demo that creates a simple link annotation