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New Versions2014-06-20

Today we released new versions of all SetaPDF 2.x components!

By introducing a new timestamp feature in the SetaPDF-Signer component a backwards compatibility break arises when visible signature appearances are used. The changes are described here.

The Core component has received an update to its annotation classes which allows you to extract a complete and structured comments outline as you can see in the new demo.

Check the release notes of the components below.
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Release date: 2014-06-20
SetaPDF-Core Component
  • Optimized handling of transparency for PNG files with a Palette color type.
  • Added hasReplies() and getReplies() to SetaPDF_Core_Document_Page_Annotation_Markup to allow a detailed extraction of comments and their hierarchy.
  • Added getBorderStyle() method to all annotation classes.
  • Added getByName() method to SetaPDF_Core_Document_Page_Annotations to allow annotation access by its NM (name) value.
  • Added remove() method to SetaPDF_Core_Document_Page_Annotations.
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_DataStructure_Rectangle::setAll() method.
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_Document_Page_Annotation::setRect() method.
  • SetaPDF_Core_Document_Page::getBoundary() and all alias methods return false instead of null if the boundary was not found.
  • Optimized parsing of TTF files and resolving of Ascent and Descant values.
  • Added validation check for TrueType and Type1 fonts. Required keys are checked now to prevent fatal errors.
  • Added check for DecodeParms type when filtering/un-filtering a stream.
  • Optimized writable check of the temporary folder in TempFile writer class.
  • Ensured not locale-aware behaviour.
  • Optimized doc block comments.
  • Added several Acrobat specific icon name constants to SetaPDF_Core_Document_Page_Annotation_Text.
  • Added default parameter value in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Page_Annotation::getModificationDate().
  • Allow an URI as string in Link annotation constructor. It will be automatically converted into an URI action.
  • Optimized handling of flate encoded streams which cannot be handled by gzuncompress().