A PHP library for low level access of PDF files


Access PDF documents at their lowest level with PHP

Access PDF documents at their lowest level

The SetaPDF-Core component is a PHP library for low level access of PDF files.
It represents the basis of the SetaPDF product line and is part of each individual PHP component.

The main features and functionalities are:

  • Reads PDF files of all available PDF versions
  • Reads and writes PDF files via special reader and writer classes
  • Repair mechanism for corrupted PDF files
  • Reads and writes protected/encrypted PDF files (Standard and Public-key Encryption) up to AES 256bit
  • Low level PDF object access
  • Access to PDF metadata
  • Access to viewer preferences
  • Access to page objects (e.g. to count pages) and their properties like dimensions, rotation,...
  • Access to pages content stream
  • Access to a pages Canvas object
  • Access to page labels
  • Access to various annotation types (e.g. links, text, or highlight annotation)
  • Access to bookmark outlines
  • Access to document level JavaScript
  • Access to PDF actions (GoTo, JavaScript, Named, Uri)

All SetaPDF components as of version 2 are build upon this component and automatically offer its functionallities.

In Action [See all demos]

Replace link targets

Dynamically replace links in existing pdf files with PHP.

Add Text Annotations

Comments and conversations.

More demos are available here.

Low Level Features

Internally the PHP component offers much more functionallities used by other components:

  • Handling of name trees (Destinations, JavaScript,...)
  • Optional content data (Layers)
  • PDF encodings
  • Standard PDF fonts
  • TrueType font parser
  • Image parser and handling (JPEG, PNG, JPEG2000) in pure PHP
  • Color management (Grayscale, RGB, CMYK)
  • Datastructure wrappers (Date, Rectangles, Name- and Number-Trees,...)
  • Geometric helpers: Point, Rectangle
  • ...

Examples of Usage

Some common PHP tasks of the SetaPDF-Core component:


Questions about SetaPDF-Core?

If you are searching for a feature or have any question regarding this or any other product, contact us at support@setasign.com.

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