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New Versions2015-02-04

Today we released new versions of all SetaPDF components.

Most changes were done in the Core component to allow us to create a brand new text extraction component. For more details please see this news.

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Release date: 2015-02-04
SetaPDF-Core Component
  • Added splitCharCodes() method to font classes.
  • Added methods to font classes to receive glyph width values by their character codes/bytes.
  • Implemented a detailed graphic state handling.
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_DataStructure_Rectangle::byRectangle() method to create instanced by other instances or by an instance of SetaPDF_Core_Geometry_Rectangle.
  • Implemented creation of custom metadata values in XMP packages using special characters (e.g. spaces) in their names.
  • Added annotation classes for Highlight and TextMarkup annotations.
  • Added helper method SetaPDF_Core_Encoding::strSplit().
  • Optimized font handling (implemented handling of existing Type0 and Type3 fonts).
  • Added Vector and Matrix classes.
  • Added Cmap class and resources.
  • Optimized handling and updated some predefined encodings.
  • Added methods to received character values by character codes.
  • Fixed resolving of undefined/nulled name trees.
  • Optimized handling of font instance cache. Font instances will get freed upon cleanUp()-call of a document instance.
  • Fixed resolving of values in Differences array which are mapped to the same glyph name.
  • Fixed method SetaPDF_Core_Geometry_Rectangle::intersect().
  • Fixed handling of referenced data of key values in tree structures (name-, number trees).
  • Fixed endless loop in parser.
  • Optimized handling of empty/nulled encryption value.
  • Added missing ensure() call in SetaPDF_Core_Type_Dictionary_Helper::keyHasValue().
  • Fixed cloning of undefined filter entries from a content stream.
  • Fixed/Optimized creation of ToUnicode map.
  • Fixed parsing of corrupted documents (xref starts with 1 and followed by '0000000000 65535 f') which was get broken in the last release.
  • Fixed resolving of Count entries in Pages dictionaries.
  • Added default about-attribute to xml metadata and created a public property to allow access to xml aliases.
  • Changed missing width value from 600 to 0 (default value in the PDF specification).
  • Completed Type0 font handling.
  • Removed calls to deprecated methods.
  • Allow setting a documents writer instance after the instance is "finished".
  • Optimized text graphic state class.
  • Refactored SetaPDF_Core_Canvas_Text class. Marked following methods as deprecated and introduced new named methods: setCharSpacing() to setCharacterSpacing(), setTextRise() to setRise(), beginText() to begin(), endText() to end().
  • Refactored a simple (read-only) version of the canvas object implementation.
  • Refactored SetaPDF_Core_Canvas_GraphicState to use Matrix and Vector classes.
  • Added accessor classes for MMType1 and Type3 fonts.
  • Refactored some font classes to be based on SetaPDF_Core_Font_Simple.
  • Optimized parsing of streams. The component searches for the first occurance of the first newline after the "stream" keyword now and doesn't expect it.
  • Added cleanUp() method to SetaPDF_Core_XObject class.
  • Added a demo that allows removing of usage rights.