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New release of FPDI, FPDF_TPL and FPDI PDF-Parser2015-05-12

Beside a simple bugfix and some tweaks in FPDI this release is the first offical version which is available via Packagist. For completion we also setup a clone of FPDF on Packagist.

Furthermore we also made the FPDI PDF-Parser available through our composer repository as of now!

To use them all together just add following to your composer.json:

    "repositories": [
            "type": "composer",
            "url": ""
    "require": {
        "setasign/fpdf": "1.7",
        "setasign/fpdi": "1.5.3",
        "setasign/fpdi_pdf-parser": "1.*"

For more details please check the installation instructions of FPDI and FPDI PDF-Parser.

Check the release notes of the components below.
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Version 1.5.3

Release date: 2015-05-11
  • Removed referenced handling for the currentParser property in FPDI.
  • Encapsulated require_once() calls in if(class_exists(...)) checks.
  • Optimized error handling for invalid cross reference data.
  • Optimized reading of streams if the keyword is not followed by a newline character.
  • Added composer.json