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New Releases of SetaPDF2018-11-19

GIF support!Today we released all SetaPDF components in new minor versions!

Most work was done in the SetaPDF-Core component by which all other components benefit from too. The highlights of this release are:

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Release date: 2018-11-19
SetaPDF-Core Component
  • Added native support for GIF files.
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_Font_Type0_Subset::setWriteCidSet() method.
  • Added support for 16-bit PNG files.
  • Adjust getBytes() behavior with zero length in all reader classes.
  • Fixed SetaPDF_Core_XObject::cleanUp() method. Instance was not released from cache.
  • Fixed updating/creating of XMP package if PDF date objects are invalid.
  • Fixed invalid field size for compressed cross-references.
  • Added compatibility for PHP 7.3.
  • Handle missing objects when resolving document metadata.
  • Fixed creation of CIDSet and CIDToGIDMap entries in Type0 TrueType subset font.
  • Fixed resolving of width values in simple fonts when they are defined as indirect objects.
  • Ignore faulty XMP data packages in document metadata.
  • Added support for rewriting all objects while keeping track of finally used objects in object streams.
  • Optimized the skipToken()/skipUntilToken() methods in parser classes to be able to skip until a substring of a token is matched.
  • Added support for reading FlateDecode streams that uses CRC32 checksum.
  • Optimized handling of faulty documents in cross-reference parser.
  • Added support for faulty CMAPs which maps to single byte values instead of UTF-16BE values.
  • Optimized support for extracting object ids if cross references are corrupted.
  • New demo showing how to create simple fillable text fields.