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Meta packages for FPDI abandoned!2020-03-12

While meta packages feel good in the first place they became inscrutable if the dependencies evolve without a unique versioning system.

Because of the inconsistencies in the version systems used by the PDF generation libraries that can be used with FPDI we decided to abandon all meta packages.

As it is up to the developers to define which PDF generation library is used in their code it should be configured as a direct dependency in their own composer.json file too. This is more correct than going through a meta package which may has constraints defined that could result in unexpected version changes. 

We already archived and abandoned all packages on GitHub and Packagist, which you will notice in the next run of an composer update or composer install

To clean things up on your end simply remove following package from your composer.json: 

...and replace them with direct dependencies to:

...and the used PDF generation library: