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"Invalid Credentials (HTTP 401) for 'https://www.setasign.com/...', aborting" when using composer

If you receive such error message when installing a package via composer you are simply not authenticated successfully at our system.

You can authenticate with composer through the same credentials you use to login to our website or through access tokens which you can configure on your personal Composer Settings page.

If you use composer through the command line the default authentication will be http-basic and you will be asked for your credentials. You will also be asked if you want to save them in your auth.json file in your COMPOSER_HOME folder. If you are not asked for a password but receive this error message you may need to update your credentials in the auth.json file manually.

If you need to install the package in an non-interactive shell you should setup an access token and configure the http-bearer authentication before in an auth.json file in your COMPOSER_HOME folder or beside your composer.json. For more details please see here.

An auth.json file for bearer authentication will look like:

    "bearer": {
        "www.setasign.com": "YOUR-TOKEN"