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"[...]file could not be downloaded (HTTP/2 404)" or "No valid license found." when using composer

If you receive such error message when installing a package via composer you are authenticated correctly at our repository but there are no valid licenses found for the defined dependency in your account.

In that case you should double check the dependency entries in your composer.json and compare them with the examples in your personal pickup depot.

Also double check that you are authenticated with the correct credentials or access token.

If composer doesn't ask for credentials you already have saved them or an access token locally. By default composer saves these information in your auth.json file in your COMPOSER_HOME folder.

It is also possible to save the authentication information in an auth.json file which lays beside your composer.json. For more details please see here.

An auth.json file for bearer authentication will look like:

    "bearer": {
        "www.setasign.com": "YOUR-TOKEN"