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How long will it take until my purchase is processed and the purchased license is activated?

All orders are only approved after the receipt of payment.

Orders within the EU are processed automatically within minutes. For all orders in the EU which use reverse charge we need to validate the provided VAT-Id. This is also an automated process but requires a positive result. Due to temporarily failures of the validation system or varying information between the invoice recipient and the registered information this could slow down the approval process and may require manual intervention.

Orders from the rest of the world placed during German business hours (9am-5pm CET) will be processed within 1-2 hours (mostly within minutes, too). Orders placed outside of business hours will be processed within 12 to 24 hours.

Finally specific licenses (Server or Developer Licenses) can only be activated after they have been completed with the additional license data like a domain name, mac address or developer name.