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Cluster/Cloud Licenses available!2016-01-26

Over the past years hosting environments changed and it was required to revise our SetaPDF license agreement to fit our customers needs: Usage in cluster or cloud environments.

We already added a new license type some time ago in our license definition to offer a way to use our components in these environments officially:

Cluster/Cloud License

A cluster/cloud license enables the licensee to use the API/component in systems with more than one server or virtual machine (server instances).

A cluster/cloud license is limited to the agreed maximum number of servers/virtual machines (server instances) in the cluster.

A cluster/cloud license includes a development license without time limit for the licensed API/component. This development license refers to the software versions available to the licensee in form of access to updates under the cluster/cloud license.

Today we integrated the possibility to purchase this license type directly through our online shop. All available SetaPDF products are licensable with this license type:

If you have any question regarding licensing or pricing, feel free to contact us at