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New Versions / PAdES Support / Last Release for PHP 5.2 and 5.32016-02-15

We just released new versions of all SetaPDF components.

This release includes several bug fixes, tweaks and introduces exciting new features such as the support for PAdES conforming signatures in the SetaPDF-Signer component. All release notes can be found below.

We also decided that this release was the last official release that was tested on PHP 5.2 and 5.3. PHP 5.2 is now officially unsupported for more than five years and PHP 5.3 for more than one and a half year. Customers that are forced to use one of these versions are still able to use our components until this release (revision 817) but are advised to update to a recent PHP version as soon as possible. For sure you can always reach us at if you have any problem or question!

Check the release notes of the components below.
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Release date: 2016-02-12
SetaPDF-Core Component
  • Added possibility to add custom glyph names and callbacks which are used by SetaPDF_Core_Font_Glyph_List::byName().
  • Added more logic from the Adobe Glyph List specification to the Glyph List class.
  • Added new pdf parser class to parse tokens without object initiation (a kind of lightweight parser for content streams).
  • Fixed resolving of Differences array in simple fonts (if it is referenced by an indirect object).
  • Fixed resolving of pages in page tree structure in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Pages::_ensureAllPageObjects().
  • Fixed faulty encoding value in ZapfDingbats and Symbol font.
  • Fixed handling of Differences array in fonts encoding dictionary.
  • Fixed missing parameter in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Page_Annotation_BorderStyle::getDictionary() calls.
  • Fixed observing in __wakeup() method of indirect objects.
  • Use sys_get_temp_dir() as default directory path for temporary files in SetaPDF_Core_Writer_TempFile.
  • Added static method createTempFile() to SetaPDF_Core_Writer_TempFile to allow creation of temporary files with specified content.
  • Optimized pdf parser classes to reduce reader/tokenizer method calls.
  • Increased default $length parameter in SetaPDF_Core_Reader_String::increaseLength() to reduce method calls (performance gain).
  • Optimized tokenizer class to reduce reader method calls.
  • Added demo that replaces images in an existing PDF document.