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Website Relaunch with PHP 72016-05-26

In the last weeks we prepared a relaunch of our website which finally happened!

PHP7You may ask what happened because it looks absolutely the same as before? You're right! The frontend of the website is nearly identically as the old one, but the complete backend had gotten a refactor from PHP 5.2 (don't blame us!) to PHP 7. At the end it was not really a refactor but a complete transfer to a new up to date system.

In the new PHP 7 environment our PHP and PDF components can show the benefits that were introduced in PHP 7: Performance and memory usage. Both had changed drastically as e.g. for the SetaPDF-Extractor component:

Our advice: Don't think about updating to PHP 7, do it!

In the refactor process of our website we implemented some new features which should be interresting for you:

1. Individual password for access through composer:

Composer is used more and more by the PHP community and our customers. Downloading packages from our repository requires an authentication which is done with the login data for your account at our website. Because these data could be saved in authentication files they may be spread in development teams and get out of control.

To overcome this you can define a separate password for your access through composer in your personal profile, now:

separate password for composer

2. More precise definition of email recipients

While it was only possible to define a single email contact for information about updates you can add several email contacts now on your personal email settings.

email settings

3. Pay outstanding accounts by credit card or PayPal

To allow our customers more flexibility to pay outstanding accounts we prepared a page that allows them to pay their outstanding accounts by credit card or PayPal.