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New Versions2016-06-09

We just released new versions of all SetaPDF components.

With this release we finally dropped the PHP 5.2 and 5.3. support. If you're still on one of these versions, update as soon as possible! 

A short summary of some highlights of this release: While most changes were done in the SetaPDF-Core component all other components benefit from these changes automatically. The SetaPDF-FormFiller is able to flatten button fields now (a requirement of our new customer and the data matching process for XFA forms had gotten a refactoring. The SetaPDF-Extractor was tested against some very strangely created PDF documents and had received several enhancements (many of these were done in the Core component). And many more...  

Check the release notes of the components below.
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Release date: 2016-06-09
SetaPDF-Core Component
  • Added check for valid instance created before parsing specific tokens in SetaPDF_Core_Font_Cmap.
  • Ignore white-space characters when parsing hex strings in CMaps.
  • Resolve indirect objects in W entry of Type0 font.
  • Added validity check for Encoding value in simple fonts.
  • Clean up foreign/referenced objects if the SetaPDF_Core_Document::$_cleanUpObjects property is set to true (default), too. Will reduces memory overhead in special situations extremely.
  • Added handling of fonts which are implemented without an indirect object.
  • Added support for handling uncommon bookmark outline structure.
  • Optimized fallback in SetaPDF_Core_Font::getCharByCharCode() method in case of control characters.
  • Added 0x74727565 as a valid version tag in TTF parser class.
  • Fixed extending of SetaPDF_Core_Canvas_GraphicState class.
  • Added static property and getter/setter methods to SetaPDF_Core_Canvas_GraphicState class which gives you access to the maximum allowed nesting level of graphic states.
  • Added optional parameter to getAvgWidth() method of all font classes to allow a calculation of the average width value if it is not defined.
  • Ignore comments when parsing CMAP tables.
  • Added fallback in getGlyphWidth() method of Type0 font for missing character codes.
  • Refactored resolving of standard font class names.
  • Added fallback to standard fonts for incomplete TrueType fonts which uses a standard font as their base font entry.