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New minor release of FPDI2019-01-30

Today we released a new minor version of FPDI.  

This version comes with features under the hood regarding parsing of streams in special edge cases. Also an issue was solved in view to locked file handles. 

We updated all repositories accordingly:

Check the release notes of the component below.


Version 2.2.0

Release date: 2019-01-30
  • Added cleanUp() method in FpdiTrait and StreamReader to close open file handles when they are not used anymore (#70).
  • Added support for handling FlateDecode streams that uses CRC32 checksum.
  • Added support for indirect references in /Length values of stream dictionaries.
  • Added support for reading streams with an invalid /Length value.
  • Use fully-qualified function calls.
  • Fixed wording in various DocBlocks.