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New Releases of all SetaPDF Components2019-08-27

We just released all SetaPDF components in new minor versions!

Most bug fixes and tweaks were done in the SetaPDF-Core component from which all other components benefit by default. 

We ran the whole test suite of all components with PHP 7.4 beta4 without any issues - so we're prepared! What about you?

A highlight of this release is a new demo for the SetaPDF-Signer component that works with Fortify. The combination of Fortify and the SetaPDF-Signer allows you to create digital signatures with the use of certificates and keys stored on the client side (e.g. USB Token or SmartCards) in the browser. We are going to prepare an official demo on our website in the coming days, too.

Check the release notes of the components below.
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Release date: 2019-08-27
SetaPDF-Core Component
  • Fixed SetaPDF_Core_Document_Catalog_Pages::getPageByAnnotation() when a page has direct annotations.
  • Handle invalid character count in Type1 fonts.
  • Handle Outlines entry with reference to an not existing object.
  • Added compatibility for PHP 7.4.
  • Optimized resolving of object ids in faulty PDF files.
  • Throw exception before trying to restore a not existing graphic state.
  • More type checks when resolving page tree.
  • Handle XMP package without x:xmpmeta root node.
  • Return indirect object instance in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Catalog_Names_EmbeddedFiles::add() method.
  • Allow reading of corrupted documents only if the last found object is readable.
  • Optimized error handling in SetaPDF_Core_Parser_Pdf::_readValue() when $expectedType is set.
  • Optimized SetaPDF_Core_Document_Catalog_AcroForm::addDefaultEntriesAndValues().
  • Use a larger buffer in tokenizer class to speed things up for very large streams.