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FPDI PDF-Parser v2.1 and FPDI v2.5 released!2023-10-06

With the release of the FPDI PDF-Parser v2.1 and FPDI v2.5 it is now possible to import pages from encrypted or protected PDF documents for the reuse in FPDF, tFPDF or TCPDF.

Encrypted or protected PDF documents require to authenticate with a password which can be passed with the setSourceFileWithParserParams() method:

use \setasign\FpdiPdfParser\PdfParser\PdfParser;


$pageCount = $pdf->setSourceFileWithParserParams(
    [PdfParser::PARAM_PASSWORD => 'the-owner-password']

A complete overview of how to authenticate can be found in the manual of the FPDI PDF-Parser. We also updated the online demo so you can play with encrypted PDF documents, too.

The minor version upgrade in FPDI was only needed because of a new static helper method. There were no changes or new features which impact the default usage in any way.

Check the release notes of the components below.
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Version 2.5.0

Release date: 2023-09-28
  • Catch faulty stream wrapper implementations in StreamReader constructor.
  • Optimized parameter naming in PdfIndirectObject::parse().
  • Moved value parsing into explicit methods.
  • Optimized doc-blocks.
  • Added PdfString::escape() method.
  • Add support for handling of Crypt filter in PdfStream class.