A PHP library for low level access of PDF files


Access PDF documents at their lowest level with PHP

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Release date: 2022-03-29

Rev. 1671 to 1706

SetaPDF-Core Component
  • Added static ensureType() method to all PDF type classes.
  • Added optional $ensure parameter to SetaPDF_Core_Type_Array::toPhp() to automatically ensure the final value by resolving indirect references.
  • Update non-permanent file identifier if it is defined as an indirect reference.
  • Fixed check for expected values in PDF parser class, if no token was found at all (resulted in an "Undefined array key" error before).
  • Fixed handling in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Action_Launch::getFileSpecification() if no file specification is defined.
  • Aligned SetaPDF_Core_Document_Catalog_ViewerPreferences::getPrintPageRange() to return not zero based page numbers but real page numbers.
  • Update document identifier correctly, if ID is an indirect reference (write a direct object instead).
  • Harden data types by using SetaPDF_Core_Type_*::ensureType() calls.
  • Automatically observe values/objects resolved by SetaPDF_Core_Type_Dictionary_Helper::getValue().
  • Code style optimizations and cleanup.
  • Optimized encoding handling of Typo0 fonts without a ToUnicode map.
  • Ignore indirect references to indirect objects with an id of 0 (zero).
  • Code style, doc-block optimizations and cleanup.