A PHP library for low level access of PDF files


Access PDF documents at their lowest level with PHP


Here you'll see some demonstrations of the SetaPDF-Core component features. All demos will show you the PHP code that was used to create the output.

Page Count

Get the page count from a PDF document with PHP.

Rotate Pages

Rotate pages from a PDF document with PHP.

Read Metadata

Read metadata from a PDF document with PHP.

Set Metadata

Set some metadata of an existing PDF document with PHP.

Bookmark Outline

Access the bookmark outline.

Replace link targets

Dynamically replace links in existing pdf files with PHP.

Find form field coordinates and values

Get all widget annotations and grab their names, rect and field value.

Add Text Annotations

Comments and conversations.

Get Font Information

Low level access to resolve font information.

Get Colors From PDF

Low level access to resolve color and color space Information from PDF documents in pure PHP.

Access a page in a 50000 pages document

Not possible? Sure, including caching!

Standard Security

Specify user rights and add password protection.

Public-key Security

PDF Public-key encryption in pure PHP.

Scale and Pad

Scale existing PDF doucments including annotations.

Extract Comments

Extract comments and states from a PDF document.

Get image sizes and resolutions

Get images position, size and resolution from PDF documents with PHP.

Check For Text

Check for text on pages in a pdf document.

Tile a Page

Tile a PDF page into multiple pages.

Multiple Pages per Sheet

Place multiple pages per sheet.

Flatten Annotations

Flatten annotations to fixed page content.

...more demos

See more live demos in our demo package, which is shipped with the products.