Fill PDF AcroForms with PHP


Fill in existing PDF forms with PHP

Assistant Demo

The following demo will guide you through an assistant, which analyzes a PDF form and accepts new values for each form field it finds.

Select or upload a file

The uploaded files are bound to your browser session and are not accessible by any other user. They will get deleted after 24 hours automatically.


An incremental update will write the changes to the end of the existing document. This way the component has only to touch things it really needs. All other content like pages or images will be ignored. It is very fast if you use the incremental update feature. If not the component have to rebuild the whole document.

If this flag is set the PDF reader is instructed to recreate the appearance of any form field its own.
Some readers may ignore this flag and render the appearance throughout.
If your document is rights enabled (the document can be filled out and saved with Acrobat Reader) you should leave this flag to false!

By setting this field all form fields will be flatten into the document pages content.

If this flag is set all text will be written and embedded with a TrueType font. By using this you do not have to rely on the available characters in the currently embedded/used font.