Create digital signatures for PDF documents with PHP


Digital sign PDF documents with PHP

SetaPDF-Signer meets Fortify

This demo shows you an integration of the SetaPDF-Signer component as a server component for Fortify.

Fortify enables cross-browser usage of local certificates and smart cards.

While Fortify handles the signature part on the client side, the SetaPDF-Signer component handles all PDF related parts in PHP on the server side. This combination allows you to use client side certificates (either a software-based or a certificate based on a cryptographic device such as a smartcard or USB token) while the final signature container is assembled and embedded into the PDF file on the server side by the SetaPDF-Signer component.

We created this demo in vanilla ES6 JavaScript and the use of the Fortify Web-component to have as less dependencies and make it as simple as possible.

This demo makes use of the web component for Fortify. Additionally it uses to display the PDF in this demo. Both are provided and hosted by Peculiar Ventures, LLC which may collect anonymous usage statistics (For more details see here). Neither the PDF or any other personal information is forwarded to any of these services. The PDF is rendered and validated directly in the browser.