Create digital signatures for PDF documents with PHP


Digital sign PDF documents with PHP

GlobalSign DSS

This demo shows you how to use the SetaPDF-Signer component with the GlobalSign Digital Signing Service.

It uses individual modules we created for this service. The source code is available on GitHub and it can be installed through Composer as well.

We'd implemented both a signature and a timestamp module which communicate via a client class with the REST API of the GlobalSign Digital Signing Service. While the complete PDF preparation and handling is done by the SetaPDF-Signer component, only hashes are sent to the REST API.

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GlobalSign Digital Signing Service

GlobalSign’s DSS makes it easy to add digital signatures and seals to existing document workflows and applications. DSS is a cloud-based service, allowing organizations to benefit from long-lived, trusted digital signing – signer identity validation, content integrity, trusted timestamps, non-repudiation – without the need to manage any physical hardware or build any custom integrations.

The Digital Signing Service makes legally admissible and compliant digital signatures accessible to organizations through document workflow providers, creating a true end-to-end solution and lowering barriers such as cost, hardware requirements, maintenance, and internal expertise.

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