Add new content to existing PDF documents with PHP


Add new content to existing PDF documents with PHP

Add new content to existing PDF documents

The SetaPDF-Stamper component is a PHP library facilitating PHP developers to add new content to existing PDF documents in a fast, easy, and reliable way.

With the SetaPDF-Stamper component it is possible to build PHP applications which will:

After all a perfect solution for on-the-fly personalization of PDF documents with pure PHP!

In Action [See all demos]

Stamp Image or PDF page

Stamp with an image or PDF page.

Stamp already encrypted PDF

...with the SetaPDF-Stamper.

More demos are available here.

Key Features

The PHP component comes with all features of the SetaPDF-Core component, including support for encrypted PDF files if rights are granted or an owner password is known.

  • Stamp types available for: Text, Image (PNG, JPG, JPG2000), a PDF page or an XObject
  • Flexible stamp positioning (e.g. top left, bottom right, etc.)
  • Rotation of all stamp types
  • Individual opacity per stamp
  • Links or individual actions per stamp
  • Different visibility for print or screen
  • TrueType subsets for text stamps 

Examples of Usage

  • E-book Shops
    Create a social DRM: Use the SetaPDF-Stamper for on-the-fly personalization of PDF e-books to stem unauthorized redistribution.
  • Sales Partner Material
    Develop PHP applications for providing personalized material for sales partners.
  • Affiliate Marketing
    Release stamped PDF documents to affiliate partners with prepared affiliate links. 

...and many more


Questions about SetaPDF-Stamper?

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