Add new content to existing PDF documents with PHP


Add new content to existing PDF documents with PHP

Rich-Text Stamp Demo

This demo shows you how to add a rich-text stamp to an existing PDF document. The rich-text stamp class lets you stamp text that is styled by a subset of HTML and CSS onto existing PDF pages.

This demo allows you to control nearly all common properties and settings of it. Be creative!

Select or upload a file

The uploaded files are bound to your browser session and are not accessible by any other user. They will get deleted after 24 hours automatically.


In this step you can define the rich-text stamp content.

...or paste some dummy markup.

Following HTML tags are interpreted as you know from HTML:

  • <b> / <strong> for bold text
  • <i> / <em> for italic text
  • <u> for underline text
  • <sup> for superscript
  • <sub> for subscript
  • <br> / </br> for a line-break

You can use any other HTML tag such as <span> or <div>, too. Internally these tags are only parsed for their style attibute.

You can use the style attribute to define CSS styles for an element to any tag. Following CSS styles are supported:

  • font-family: (string)
  • font-size: (float|integer)(pt|%)
  • color: #RRGGBB hexadecimal notation
  • line-height: (float|integer)(%) unitless or percentual value

Define the general appearance of the rich-text stamp.

("0" will be cast to null, which means "auto")

(0 = fully transparent, 1 = fully opaque)


Define how the stamp should be positioned on the stamped pages.