PHP & PDF Solutions

Our extensive range of PHP and PDF packages is designed to make building applications a quicker, simpler process for PHP developers. Our PHP components are designed to help programmers take on a wide range of PHP programming tasks relating to PDF documents. From personalising PDF documents over text extraction to adding digital signatures, our range of PHP components is effective and easy to use.

They allow PHP developers to build PHP applications for various tasks like:

All SetaPDF components are independent and can be used with any PHP framework or library.


The SetaPDF-Core component is a toolset for low level access of PDF files with PHP.


The SetaPDF-Extractor component allows PHP developers to extract textual content from existing PDF documents. Beside extracting text it is also possible to extract words, glyphs and their positions and bounding boxes.


The SetaPDF-FormFiller component allows PHP developers to fill in existing PDF forms with dynamic data.


The SetaPDF-Merger allows PHP developers to concatenate or split existing PDF documents with PHP.


The SetaPDF-Signer component allows PHP developers to digital sign PDF documents with PHP.


The SetaPDF-Stamper allows PHP developers to add new content to existing PDF documents in a fast, easy, and reliable way.


FPDI is a collection of PHP classes facilitating developers to read pages from existing PDF documents and use them as templates in FPDF.


With the FPDI PDF-Parser as a commercial addon FPDI will be able to handle PDF documents with a version higher than 1.4.

Working with PDF documents can be a time-consuming task, but our innovative PHP components can save programmers time and a great deal of effort. Included in the range of software packages are components that can help with the manipulation or personalisation of PDF documents - saving both organisations and individual programmers a great deal of precious time and money.

Protecting PDF documents is vital in 21st-century business, so that's why all SetaPDF products have integrated capabilities for reading and writing protected files. And because they are compatible with an existing PHP framework or library, they can be integrated seamlessly into any operation.

Time and effort are also saved on the filling of PDF forms with our innovative software. The completion of AcroForms can cost both a business and its clients time and money it doesn't have. However, by using our exceptional PHP components, businesses can spend less time on form filling and more on seeking new business opportunities.

The extraction, manipulation and merging of PDF documents is also made quick and simple with the use of PHP components from Setasign. And because they are designed to be completely independent software packages, they can be integrated into an existing framework or library with the minimum of fuss.

Programmers and IT workers who are responsible for adding digital signatures to PDF documents will know just how important this is to clients. A digital signature verifies the reliability and integrity of a document, and it proves where a document originated from. Our digital signature components can be integrated into an existing library or framework to make adding digital signatures a seamless and streamlined process.

Programmers will occasionally be required to manipulate and manage metadata held within a PDF document, and our specialised products are designed to make this process more convenient. Businesses and individuals can seamlessly integrate the PHP component with their existing framework or library, saving time spent on data manipulation and management.

From the manipulation of PDF information to the importing of PDF documents with compressed xref, our impressive selection of PDF components is designed to streamline the operations of both businesses and individual programmers. The manipulation of information and management of PDF documents is notoriously labour-intensive, but having the right tools for the job can save an enormous amount of time and money. And with full compatibility with any PHP framework or library, implementation of our products will not disrupt existing operations.