Create digital signatures for PDF documents with PHP


Digital sign PDF documents with PHP

Batch PDF signing in PHP through the Swisscom AIS Service Add-On

altBeside individual signature and timestamp modules the add-on for the Swisscom All-in Signing Service also includes batch processors, allowing you to create several PDF signatures or timestamps with a single service request.

That's what this demo is about: It shows you how to do batch PDF signing in PHP through the Swisscom All-in Signing Service add-on.

The PHP code of this add-on is available at GitHub and installable using Composer.

Select the files you want to sign in the batch process:

Swisscom All-in Signing Service

The All-in Signing Service is a cloud service for electronic signatures and timestamps for documents and files. It is offered as Swiss managed service to service providers, public authorities and companies.

The signing service allows documents and files to be signed in a legally compliant manner. Electronic signatures ensure the integrity and/or authenticity of such files for the relevant contract partner or legislator.

Combined with Mobile ID, the KPMG-audited All-in Signing Service enables binding signatures to be prepared on mobile phones. You also benefit from the expertise of Swisscom as a legally recognised certificate service provider (CSP).

More information: