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Rich Text landed in SetaPDF

Stamp rich text onto PDFs with the SetaPDF-Stamper component in pure PHPWith the release of SetaPDF 2.41 we are starting to ship some rich-text features that allows you to create styled content by using a subset of HTML and CSS. We've implemented this feature in the SetaPDF-Core component and initially make use of it in the SetaPDF-Stamper component. It will be introduced in other components in the near future as well. E.g. rich-text fields in the SetaPDF-FormFiller or styled signature fields in the SetaPDF-Signer component.

If you want to try things out, feel free to be creative on the new demo of the SetaPDF-Stamper component.

Beside this main feature we also fixed some bugs and did some tweaks in the whole SetaPDF code base.

Check the release notes of the components below.
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Release date: 2023-02-21
SetaPDF-Core Component
  • Added SetaPDF_Core_Text_RichTextBlock which supports simple HTML tags to draw styled text.
  • Added align constant SetaPDF_Core_Text::JUSTIFY_ALL.
  • Implemented align SetaPDF_Core_Text::JUSTIFY_ALL in SetaPDF_Core_Text_Block.
  • Fixed handling of bookmark outlines without a Count entry in the outline dictionary.
  • Add additional line-break between revisions when using incremental update.
  • Fixed ToUnicode creation if a UTF-16 value is evaluated to a numeric index in the mapping array.
  • Introduced SetaPDF_Core_Text_Block::setTextWidth() and marked SetaPDF_Core_Text_Block::setWidth() as deprecated.
  • Ignore invalid values in SetaPDF_Core_Document_Appearance::getAppearance() method instead of throwing an exception.
  • Check for numeric values in SetaPDF_Core_DataStructure_Color::createByComponents().
  • Validate hex input in SetaPDF_Core_DataStructure_Color::hexToRgb().
  • Added support for 3-character length hex value in SetaPDF_Core_DataStructure_Color::hexToRgb().